Saturday, October 30, 2010

Tate is officially sitting up

Hi everyone!
Well, it is a gorgeous fall day here in Denver. I never knew that Colorado had such beautiful falls where the leaves change and everything. It feels like that football weather you always think of but that you usually don't actually experience until super late in the season :) Here is a brief update on us:
  • Tate has finally settled into a pretty predictable schedule which is such a blessing to me so I can plan our days around that. 2 naps a day and then bedtime around 7.
  • As of this Wednesday (the 27th) he is officially sitting up on his own. It is so cute and makes me realize how quickly he is changing - crawling and walking will be here before we know it. I want to soak up this season of him being able to entertain himself but not be mobile! He just looks more and more like a little boy than a baby.
  • Sean and I celebrated our 5 year wedding anniversary yesterday (the 29th). We had a great dinner where we reflected on the last 5 years and some of our favorite memories. Then we came home and watched our wedding video which was really fun (although after we were done we both said it is definitely something you are so glad you have but that watching it more than once a year would be overkill!) What a great day that was!
  • Sean has been really busy with school the last couple of weeks - not sure what I would do if I didn't have Corrie (my sister) living next door to go visit and get a change of scenery.
Ok, enjoy the pics!!!!

Tate also found his feet he is eating cereal along with his foot....we're trying to break him of this habit - not great table manners!

A fun outing to a little pumpkin patch close to our house...

Can you tell he is LOVING sitting up???

Tate LOVES his exersaucer right now.....such a blessing to me during the day! :)

Sunday, October 3, 2010

I'm Finally Blogging!

I mean if you only knew how long it just took me to set this up you would realize why it has taken me this long to start a blog.....if it weren't for my sister Corrie sitting next to me helping me figure it out I have no doubt that this blog would not exist. BUT.... surprisingly it does! Thanks to so many of you who have continued encouraging me to start a blog - this is for you. I just realize that so many people love our little Tate and that I want for everyone to get to see him grow up whether we live in the same city right now or not. Disclaimer: I'm not much of a writer so it willmore than likely be mostly pictures and videos but I hope you can enjoy. I was in the business school in college and grew to love writing in bullet points so I'll go with that....

  • For those of you that don't know - we are living in Littleton, Colorado now (just south of Denver). Sean is going to Denver Seminary to get his counseling degree which is a 2 year program.
  • Sean has been in his classes now for a little over a month and is really enjoying everything he's learning. It is so different from college where you take so many classes that you will rarely use in life. In every one of his classes he is learning things are so practical and that he will use a ton in counseling.
  • Tate is seriously getting more and more fun every single day. He will be 6 months next Friday which just blows my mind. I'll try and put some pictures up at the end of this post :) He truly is my little buddy and I feel like we just laugh together a lot these days.
  • As for me.....I am still trying to figure out what life looks like here. Not only am I adjusting to a new city but also to being a full time Mom right now. Life has changed so much over the last 6 months that is sometimes hard to believe I'm the same person.
  • All in all I feel like we are doing pretty well.
Ok, I'll try and post again soon. Love you all! Katherine

A fun visit from Christy one afternoon in Little Rock

Tate learning to eat cereal and having a ball one day playing "let's look at the camera" :)