Sunday, October 3, 2010

I'm Finally Blogging!

I mean if you only knew how long it just took me to set this up you would realize why it has taken me this long to start a blog.....if it weren't for my sister Corrie sitting next to me helping me figure it out I have no doubt that this blog would not exist. BUT.... surprisingly it does! Thanks to so many of you who have continued encouraging me to start a blog - this is for you. I just realize that so many people love our little Tate and that I want for everyone to get to see him grow up whether we live in the same city right now or not. Disclaimer: I'm not much of a writer so it willmore than likely be mostly pictures and videos but I hope you can enjoy. I was in the business school in college and grew to love writing in bullet points so I'll go with that....

  • For those of you that don't know - we are living in Littleton, Colorado now (just south of Denver). Sean is going to Denver Seminary to get his counseling degree which is a 2 year program.
  • Sean has been in his classes now for a little over a month and is really enjoying everything he's learning. It is so different from college where you take so many classes that you will rarely use in life. In every one of his classes he is learning things are so practical and that he will use a ton in counseling.
  • Tate is seriously getting more and more fun every single day. He will be 6 months next Friday which just blows my mind. I'll try and put some pictures up at the end of this post :) He truly is my little buddy and I feel like we just laugh together a lot these days.
  • As for me.....I am still trying to figure out what life looks like here. Not only am I adjusting to a new city but also to being a full time Mom right now. Life has changed so much over the last 6 months that is sometimes hard to believe I'm the same person.
  • All in all I feel like we are doing pretty well.
Ok, I'll try and post again soon. Love you all! Katherine

A fun visit from Christy one afternoon in Little Rock

Tate learning to eat cereal and having a ball one day playing "let's look at the camera" :)


  1. He's so stinkin cute! I love his expressions :)

  2. KJ - thanks SO much for sending me this link. LOVE catching up with your life. Love seeing pictures of all of you - especially your precious son. I am praying that someday I will get to meet him in person. Love you all...

  3. Sorry - thought it would put my whole name - it's Karen Robbins -

  4. KJ- Im soo happy you have a blog now!! Tate is absolutely adorable i know yall must be having so much fun watchin him grown and learn everyday!!! I miss you so much! I also have a blog i will leave you the link but i also dont update as much as i should :) Hope to see you soon! Love you!!!

  5. Welcome to the blog world!!! I'm so thankful to be able to keep up with you all this way and see that handsome little man!!!

  6. stinken cute! I love that you have a blog! I love your sweet little boy! I miss you! You look amazing in that profile pic! Wish we could go grab coffee! I need a little Katherine lovin'! :-)

  7. Ok, who does he look like? Some pics I think Sean and some he looks like you (a little :). I hate that I missed your last visit. Would loved to has chatted with you about being a new mom. It rocked my world!!! You will start to feel more like yourself once Tate is one. Your doing a good job, momma. Cute family :)


    holly Eppes

  8. Welcome to the blogging world and coming from someone who struggled with it a few years ago, it gets easier I promise. Tate is PRECIOUS! Praying for yall as you all adjust to life and the changes. Thanks for making it easier to keep in touch. Love ya!

  9. Kat, Tate is a PRESH POT!!! I can't believe he is already 6 months old - amazing. I hope you are enjoying every minute of being a Mommy!

  10. KJ! I'm so glad you're blogging! I've thought of you often ever since you told me where you lived in Benton, especially since I am over in that area so often. Love the updates!