Saturday, May 14, 2011

Well, I hope everyone has had a happy SIX months! Goodness, where does time go? Since it has been so long I’ll just hit the highlights of the last six months. Ok, here we go:

  • November and December were full of family time. Sean’s family came out to Colorado and spent Thanksgiving here with us. It was pretty neat to get to go skiing on Thanksgiving Day (that was a first!). Then we drove home for Christmas and were able to spend about 3 weeks there…I forget how amazing it is to have a Christmas break when you’re in school. I guess that is one of the perks :)
  • In January Sean and I were able to sneak away to cheer on the Hogs at the Sugar Bowl, which was such a fun trip. We also spent some time up in Keystone with friends before Sean started back to school.
  • This semester was a FULL one for Sean…17 hours and also doing Practicum. He just finished TODAY so he is one happy guy!
  • Sean let me sneak away for about 4 days in February to go skiing with 4 of my dearest friends. I’m amazed how much you appreciate vacations and little breaks when you’re a Mom!
  • Such big news has been that after many years of thinking about doing this I am now an official Jazzercise Instructor! I was certified in February and have been teaching classes since March. I LOVE IT! It has been a great way to meet people, work out, and have an outing during the day while doing something that I love.
  • Our little Tate turned ONE on April 8th! The day was low key but filled with friends and family here in Denver. He is seriously at the most funstage….typically very happy, so curious, not quite walking but very close, and changing all the time.
  • Tate’s favorite word is BALL! Just the other day I was grocery shopping and have never noticed how many fruits and vegetables are in the shape of balls…Tate was pointing to so many things saying “ball, ball, ball” and wondering why I wasn’t handing them to him. It was hysterical.
  • One bummer is that Tate is becoming quite the picky eater – maybe it is hereditary?! :) He will eat one thing one week and not like it at all the next. Our staples that he always loves are bananas and yogurt…thank goodness!
Ok, you know it is time to wrap it up when you’re telling people what you’re feeding your child.I promise I’ll try and be better about posting. We’re excitedabout a change of schedule for the summer. Sean is taking 9 hours which is quite a bit but hopefully we’ll squeeze in some time to explore Colorado. Enjoy the pictures below….some ofmy favorites!

Many blessings,


The Crowleys and us before leaving for Christmas - what a treat to have them next door!

Sean and Tate - December

Tate LOVES the water! A little pool time up in Keystone.

Leaving church one day during a beautiful snowfall - the Capitol is just down the street to where we go to church

My girls getaway :)

Bath time is a favorite part of the day for sure!

Cutie - 11 1/2 months here

Happy 1st Birthday Tate!!!

Tates new favorite way to get around :)

In Arkansas for Easter

Getting close to walking but not quite ready to let go.

Easter Sunday.


  1. Hey Friend! Your family is SO cute! I LOVE reading about yall and seeing the cute pics! We miss yall down here in Austin but are so happy things are going well up there.

  2. So great to hear how your family is doing! Hard to believe that Sean already made it through Practicum...hope it was a good experience for him. Enjoy the Colorado summer, it's always beautiful :)